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Homesteader Wolf Territories Grid Membership

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You don't want a great big region, but you'd love to just travel Wolf Territories Grid, set up home somewhere. Get bored? Pick it up, move somewhere else.

We have over 840 Square KM, mountains, rivers, hills. Some of it completely uninhabited.

You don't get terraforming rights, just the right to pick a spot and move in. Put up a fence to show where your land starts and ends (and to keep the wolves out).

Keep prims below 10k.

Clear up when you have finished

Warning: You may need some kind of weapon to protect yourself and your land.

Note this is only PUBLIC land. You have no rights to build on private regions. When you get an invite to the group you can set up home. If you are not sure or want the land changed please contact Lone Wolf

$4.99 Per Month